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Thursday, September 13, 2007

What's Blooming

This is a really nice time of year, with all the fall flowers blooming. I re-mowed the trails in the Back 40 a couple of days ago & saw lots of Goldenrod, Jerusalem Artihoke & Sunflowers. The pond area is full of bright yellow Bidens. Also, the Indiangrass along the Cottage lane is in bloom - bright golden feather-like heads. For purples & reds, try the Red Clover, Tall Thistle (cirsium altissmum) and, surprisingly, Butterfly Milkweed (aesclepius tuberosa). Other flowers in bloom include White Snakeroot, Tick Trefoil (aka stick-tights) and Ragweed (take your allergy meds). Seed heads on the Sumac are starting to turn their rusty red (& deer rubs are just starting to show on some), but the trees probably won't turn until mid-October.

This is small town festival season. This weekend, the nearby town of Holden holds its annual Fall Fiesta. Warrensburg has a Chautauqua on Oct 6-7. Warsaw Heritage Days will be soon thereafter. We always enjoy the small town events because they're so friendly & one gets a flavor of the town.

Yesterday, we went down to Clinton to see the start of the 2nd stage of the Tour of Missouri bike race. I'll process the pictures & post some before long [oops -they didn't come out well - sorry].


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