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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tuesday Evening Report

From the Holiday Inn Express, Ruidoso NM

Miles: 440
Time: 11:36 on road (& sight-seeing)

1. Tucumcari - Mesalands Dinosaur Museum is a great little museum with a friendly staff. Sandra met a Triceratops there. Also some neat murals, and of course old Route 66 kitsch.
2. Roswell - The UFO Museum, of course, followed by a few of the rooms at their fancy art museum.
3. Green or Red - great SW Mexican food (for lunch & supper)

1. Breakfast at Comfort Inn
2. Rain - especially at night
3. ?

1. High Plains scenery - Sandra especially liked the windmill farm and the mesas, all while listening to Coyote Waits by Tony Hillerman.
2. First sightings: Bill got the tumbleweed, Sandra had the dustdevil.
3. Apache casino (Inn of the Muntain Gods) is spectacular. Sandra lost $5, but Bill won $3 of it back.

Tomorrow: White Sands, visit Uncle Murray in Las Cruces (as well as a good bookstore), and on to Tombstone.


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