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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Party time

We went to the first party yesterday evening - a long way from where we're staying. Over 50 people there (clssmates & spouses), not bad for 45 years. Took about 50 pictures.

We drove around quite a bit first, looking at Rita damage and recovery. The town has GROWN. I'm sure we'll find some areas that aren't doing better, and one of the casinos (Harrah's) is completely gone.

Today's plans - drive out to the areawhere I used to hunt armadillos and water moccasins, return past an Isle of Capri casino, see a new casino, clean up a bit, and off to the memorial service, lunch and the LSU football party. Then the evening party. Whew!

Tomorrow a small change in plans. We're stayingin Hope AR rather than Texarkana. Will replan some routes and see if I can print off at the "business center" here.



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