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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thursday PM report

Well, you didn't get anything last night or this AM because the HI Express server went down. Just one of many problems on the day.

Started out on Wed AM from Flagstaff in a cold, driving rain, temp about 39 degrees. Naturally, we skipped a few sites we had planned - Sunset Crater, Meteor Crater - to outrun the rain. When we stopped at Painted Desert, the wind just about blew us off the overlook - the park people said gusts were hitting 60. Then we stopped at a neat welcome center in New Mexico, run by Navajos - very friendly. Next stop was Gallup, where we split a Navajo Taco at the same restaurant we visited in 2002 - same meal, same table even, but not the same price. Went to the same thrift stores we visited last year, but only good stuff was a "Navajoland" T-shirt.

Got to the HI Express in Albuquerque (Balloon Park) and the reservation was screwed up. They had us in a cramped, non-smoking handicapped room. Pool was down for maintenance. Went to visit Madge & Larry Harrah (Madge wrote the Blind Boone book) and they took us to an excellent Mexican restaurant. I'm starting to figure out how to get around Albuquerque.

Miles: 360, Time on road: 8:15

Thursday we left at 7:45 AM for Petroglyph NM. Can you say COLD. I thought you could. Temp about 40 and wind was blowing. We cut the visit short and went to the Pueblo Cultural Center. I finally have the Pueblo language assortment straight in my head. Left about 10:30 and headed for Santa Fe.

Did a lot of walking, took some pictures, had a nice lunch and froze our tails off trying to sit in the Plaza. Not many people to watch. Went to the State Art Museum and the Georgia O'Keefe museum. Sandra likes it; I reserve judgment.

The Comfort Inn in Tucumcari has some real problems. We had stained sheets & blanket, so we had to get sheets and remake our own bed - well, we need the practice.

Miles: 264, time on road (& being tourists): 10:35



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