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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wednesday 4/25 - PM

Wednesday evening. It was a cold & windy day. We left Garden City about 7:30 AM and drove into a headwind; mostly on US-160 which takes us to Springfield & near Branson (yes, Colorado has towns of the same names - on the same road!). Drove thru miles and miles without seeing anything human except the scattered ranch and abandoned house. Those few towns after Springfield had no facilities. After Branson, we went thru a pass into the Raton Volcano field and our first pictures.

First stop was Folsom NM, where we hoped to visit the local tiny museum with info about an important find - flint points embedded in 10,000 YO bison bones; previous to this find, most scientific opinion was that humans had only been in the Americas for 3,000 years. The museum was closed, but we did finally find something to eat - the Folsom Village Inn, Rstaurant, Bar & Dance Hall - we split a tasty but expensive BBQ sandwich.

Then it was on to Capulin Volcano. Ever tried to walk the rim of an 8,000 ft volcano in 30 mph winds? We didn't. Just took some pictures (see the website) and on to Raton.

Some comments on the HIE here - TP was pointed and had a gold seal. The desk called to make sure everything was OK. A significant evening snack in the breakfast area. A welcome package (yes, commercial giveaway stuff, but still there in our room). Menu book at the front desk. B&B folks - they are going after us!

Miles driven: 281 plus 15 local. Travel/sightseeing time 7:15



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