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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wednesday Evening Report

Wednesday evening, from Holiday Inn Express, Tombstone AZ

Miles: 383
Time on road (including visits): 10:35
Gas prices paid: $2.39 in Las Cruces to $2.49 in Benson. A lot of places were higher.

1. Las Cruces - Visiting Uncle Murray, a great Mexican restaurant, and visiting a super used bookstore (Bill bought 16 titles for $27).
2. White Sands - Lots of photo ops.
3. Tombstone - Dinner at Big Nose Kate's saloon.

1. Heavy crosswinds.
2 & 3. Weren't any.

1. Got to Tombstone late, but the town seems to really be doing a good job with their "old west" tourism hook. For a tourist trap, it's not all that tacky. Some of the folks in the old time saloons we visited looked like they dressed that way all the time.
2. That picture taking at White Sands got kind of competitive. Sandra kept getting into Bill's picture (was that competition of vanity?).
3. Would have liked to stop in a neat rest area in AZ with granite boulders all around, but time was a bit tight.
4. First Sightings: White sands by Bill.

Tomorrow: Saguaro cacti, an ancient ruin, and Phoenix.



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