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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Several nice days ahead

It looks like we'll have several beautiful days before winter sets in again at Cedarcroft Farm B&B. Yesterday I helped out at the Johnson County Historical Society moving large & ungainly pieces of equipment so they could start planning space for the Smithsonian exhibit due this fall. Today it's watch football & load shotgun shells for skeet season, maybe work on the 1000 piece puzzle Sandra would like to frame - it has horses on it.

We saw a notice of a Western Art exhibit in Kansas City thru February, so we'll plan a trip up to the gallery to have a look. Sandra expects terrible weather around the 3rd, as her birthday seems to be a target for ice storms. If Channel 41's Gary Lezak's Long Range Cycle theory is correct, I think she'll miss the really nasty stuff. We have some 2-fer meals to use up in January up there, anyway - they came from the local PBS station.

Meanwhile, the Cottage on the Knoll is still available for Valentine's weekend.



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