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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A nice day-trip

We took a day trip yesterday. Breakfast in Clinton, then a stop at the overlook of the Sac & Osage rivers near Osceola, where we counted up to 20 boats at one time full of people trying to snag paddlefish. The picture shows the main Osage channel, the spur at the lower left is the Sac (all is part of Truman Lake)

From there, we gallivanted through the backroads to Stockton, largely rebuilt after the tornado a few years ago, and on to the Nathan Boone State Historic Site. Nathan was Daniel's youngest son and quite a pioneer in his own right. After a history lesson, we drove north though Fair Play where I took the window picture, then we went on to Smith's Restaurant in Collins for a late lunch - we split a tenderloin sandwich and still had enough to bring some of it home. Then it was on to Pomme de Terre river below the dam, looking for good pictures (& seeing geese).

Last stop was Scott's General Store in Iconium, near the H. Roe Bartle Boy Scout Camp, where we picked up some Nehi Orange. Only 299 miles.


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