Cottage on the Knoll at Cedarcroft Farm B&B

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wildflower season at Cedarcroft

With all the rain, the wildflowers are taking off. Along the lane to the Cottage on the Knoll you'll see the orange of Butterfly Milkweed, the white of Queen Anne's Lace and the purple of Purple Coneflower. If you look more closely, you'll see the tiny yellow blooms on the cool season grasses such as Eastern Gamma. Out in the meadows you'll see the white of Yarrow and certain milkweeds, the purple of Red Clover, the yellow of Coreopsis (OK, that's an escapee from the Cottage flower beds).

On the shady side of the Cottage, the Purple Coneflowers are starting to bloom. Just a few more days and the view from the Cottage porch will be a mass of coneflowers.

Fortunately, I've not found any instance of the one purple flower I don't want to see - musk thistle. Meanwhile, the trails are mowed, Bear Creek and its tributaries change every big rain and there's lots to do outdoors at Cedarcroft's Cottage on the Knoll.