Cottage on the Knoll at Cedarcroft Farm B&B

Sandra & Bill Wayne's blog for the Cottage on the Knoll at Cedarcroft Farm. We'll post thoughts about the B&B, what's going on around here, and discounts for last-minute cancellations.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Grass is high, trails are open

Today I mowed the trails in the back 40 so our guests this weekend at Cedarcroft's Cottage on the Knoll can explore the area north of the middle creek. The water in Bear Creek is still up a bit and many areas are mushy from all the rain, so I'll save the trails west of the creek for when it's a bit dryer.

The grasses in all the meadows are high and lush. I'm happy to see the native eastern gamma grass continuing to expand their areas. Assorted flowers are blooming, including yarrow, red & white clover, wild roses and some daisies. The purple coneflowers that we planted show signs of giving more blooms than ever before, and the tickseed coreopsis is blooming. We're lookimg for a place to plant more yellow coneflower, another native plant.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Getting things done

Today was a very good day at Cedarcroft. Among today's accomplishments are:

- Blading down the lane to level the crown a bit and fill some potholes
- Changing the tractor over to mowing configuration and mowing the main route to the creek crossing
- Trimming most of the branches that were reaching out trying to touch cars going up and down the 300 yard lane from road to house (hey, as wet as its been, trees grow fast, too)
- Getting the hinge on the washer door replaced for the second time in 9 months - don't use chlorine bleach with an LG washer!

Tomorrow is a quick trip to Sedalia for some horse vitamins for Scruffy and lunch at El Tapatio, then get ready for the BBIM Board meeting in Jefferson City on Thursday.