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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thursday Evening Report

Thursday Evening, Holiday Inn Express, Tempe AZ

Miles: 210 (plus local travel in Tombstone & Tempe)
Time on Road: 7:40
Gas prices paid: $2.41 in Tempe. Saw much higher prices

1. Tombstone - Neat buildings, friendly people, an interesting museum. Even the dogs were photogenic.
2. Tempe - Not the town or anything, but meeting Jeremy Robinson & his business partner John Hinton for dinner & a beer.
3. Tucson area - Saguaro National Park, east unit. Lots of good pictures (we'll see which of us has the better shots); also a ranger told us a scenic route that avoided backtracking and missed most of Tucson).

1. Traffic
2. Traffic
3. Yep, traffic

1. Found a good Mexican restaurant (Lupe's) at a crossroads of AZ-77 & AZ-79 along that scenic route. FOlks at next table heard us telling waitress where we were from, and they stayed & just talked & talked with us. Retired from back East, & pretty well off judging from the rocks on her fingers.
2. Casa Grande Ruins Nat'l site. Very interesting remains of a Hohokam site. We stopped right across the street at Wally's for needed supplies.
3. We also stopped at the Gila River Reservation's cultural center & gift shop. Learned a bit from the displays, but the gift shop had a lot of nice items. Place iteslf a but run down, and they didn't have any info to speak of on other tribal attractions (like casinos).

Pictures - no time this evening.

Tomorrow: Gallivant around the local area & plan for what Sandra is going to do while I'm in a meeting.



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