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Monday, March 30, 2009

PAII Bed &Breakfast Conference

Today was the Association Leaders workshop. An excellent session, raised some questions and answered some. Tomorrow, I visit the vendors and head for home, ready to apply what I've picked up to enhance guest experience at Cedarcroft and to improve my state association. Trees are green in Atlanta, and I hope the cold weather is done back in Missouri!


Anonymous Richard Linnartz said...

Shar and Bill,
Richard Lion Heart here asking for your help now that Chisholm and Western Trails are being Nat. Hist. Trails-great way to capture larger crowds.
If you are curious-several references on line-just sent a nice recap of what those trails were to
"Chronicles of the Old West" if anyone wants to find out how the Texas people made some cold cash after the Civil War ended-driving over 10 million cows up both trails till 1889 when the open range was fenced. Hope your local and state B&B ass. can start priming the pump getting more info-your is awesome on your blog by the way-to help people to appreciate the meat and food they have today in retro spec. Like to hear from

6:17 PM  

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