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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Saturday Evening Report

Still in Tempe. This AM, we picked up Lois Hoover (Su Casa B&B, Kansas City) and went to the Heard Museum. It wasn't open yet, so we drove up to North Mountain Park. It wasn't open, either, so after a few pictures we headed back toward the Heard. Ooops - a Thrift Store. I pulled in without orders.

The Heard was definitely a highlight. It concentrates on the tribes of Arizona, with cultural items and art.

Then it was look for lunch. Drove for an hour and ended up in same place we'd eaten Thursday night. That wasn't all - went there with the CAIK group this evening. Good thing we like the food there!

It was back to the conference for workshops. Sandra says she learned how to make a cucumber sandwich (she came to a conference for that?) - she may even share the recipe. She says this conference is hard work. I went to internet sessions.

Tomorrow: More sessions.



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