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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tueday Night in Flagstaff

Got thru Phoenix pretty well during rush hour, thanks to the HOV lane (glad I learned what those are). The neat forest road we were told about was closed because of weather worries (like maybe snow), so we had to double back 22 miles. Total miles: 227, total time on road & sightseeing, 9 hours.

Dateline Montezuma Castle NM - Sinagua ruins well preserved and think we got some good pictures.

Dateline Sedona - Can you say Branson? Without the music and with somewhat less tacky tourist traps, but with the traffic? Yep, we saw a lot of red rocks (and took a lot of pictures, naturally). Sandra thought it'd be arty like Taos, but it had nothing like the collection of galleries within easy walking distance. Oh, well. Red rocks are nice.

Dateline Flagstaff - The Mexican food here was completely different from what we had elsewhere; seems more California than NM or southern AZ.. Not sure we like the diference. Motel room is the smallest of the trip, and the table sets way too high for comfortable typing. Gas is either $2.55 or $2.69 per gallon - guess which we paid. First place we've turned on the heat.



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